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Marketing and promotion strategies

The terms “marketing” and “promotion” came into existence around the 15th and 16th centuries. Interestingly, marketing and promotion are separate processes; although they are both seem to be used in place of each other and marketing is regularly used in place of promotion.

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Marketing and Promotion

Marketing is basically taking your product from the idea to the sale. Some may not think that marketing is not necessary for the idea stage of the product. But the truth is, it is vital. If you don’t produce a product that your target market will be interested in, you most probably will not generate sales. This means the product will need to be saleable in every aspect, from the product itself, or in a writer’s field, its content, to the package, price, and distribution. All this takes marketing research.

On the other hand, promotion is the marketing process of bringing your product or service to the attention of your target market. Promotion encompasses the needed strategies for actually selling your product. Promotion is done through publicity and advertising – in essence, through visibility.

In order for your business to become visible, you can make use of social networking and take advantage of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or even video sharing apps like YouTube. With the advent of the internet and social media, promoting products and services has never been fast, easy and virtually free.

Marketing and promotion are both vital for success whether you operate online or a brick-and-mortar store. But of course, you first need to learn the fundamentals of marketing and promotion. This is true not only for a large corporation but for medium-sized and businesses as well. With the right strategies, your organisation will not only develop creative approaches to sales and customer service, but you will also utilise the skills of your employees.

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